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Maltco Lotteries donates another €50,000 to the RGF for Good Causes in Malta

Maltco Lotteries has presented an additional €50,000 to the Maltese economy with a cheque to the Responsible Gaming Foundation that will be allocated to the Government’s National Lotteries Good Causes Fund. Maltco contributes to Malta’s economy through job creation and investment as well as to social well-being through an on-going programme of financial support for NGO’s, culture, health and sports.Maltco’s mission is to provide a wide spectrum of entertaining games of chance and skill to players in Malta, within a transparent and accountable environment, based on Responsible Gaming Principles. Maltco has been re-certified by the World Lottery Association’s Responsible Gaming Framework and by the European Lotteries Responsible Gaming Standards 2017.The Responsible Gaming Foundation was created with the main aim of seeking and managing funding from the gaming sectors, government, and other channels, to fund projects for research and development of preventive measures in education and to provide support and technologies that enhance and improve responsible gaming. Maltco Lottiers always supported these measures through several donations supporting the social programme implemented by the Foundation.Hon. Silvio Schembri, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation at the Office of the Prime Minister thanked Maltco for their generous contribution towards the Responsible Gaming Foundation. He said that with the recent survey about Consumption of Gaming Services in Malta, published by the Malta Gaming Authority, the Foundation was now in a better position to implement social programmes targeting those most vulnerable to gaming addiction. “We will support the Responsible Gaming Foundation to strengthen its social function and in the coming months, the Foundation would also be working to introduce self-barring forms for online gambling as well”, said Hon. Schembri.Maltco Lotteries CEO Vasileios Kasiotakis said: “We thank our network of over 220 partners, who receive regular Responsible Gaming training from Maltco and abide by all the responsible gaming principles. This contribution allows the entire Maltco Lotteries family to reinforce good work in the wider community.”Also present at the Press Conference was Ms Yorana Penza Corporate Affairs Manager for Malta Gaming Authority and Mr Kayne Said on behalf of the Responsible Gaming Foundation.For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 2388 3000.

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