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RGF's support to problem gamblers

Betblocker – More support from the Foundation / Aktar sapport mill-Fondazzjoni

The Responsible Gaming Foundation is pleased to announce that in a bid to continue strengthening its support it is now offering free blocking software to help those struggling with gambling addiction.

RGF's article on IT-TORĊA

The side-effects of another's addiction / L-effetti li jħalli l-vizzju ta' ħaddieħor

In the popular Sunday newspaper It-TORĊA, Communications Manager Kayne Said informs that even those persons around the addict need someone who listens to them and who provides them with all the necessary support.

RGF's article on IT-TORĊA

Impact and perceptions evaluated / Evalwati l-impatt u l-perċezzjonijiet

Survey research that evaluates the impact of the TAKE ACTION Awareness Campaign and the gaming and gambling perceptions amongst the Maltese population.

RGF's article on IT-TORĊA

Society needs to provide a second chance! / Bżonn li s-soċjetà toffri t-tieni ċans!

In the popular Sunday newspaper It-TORĊA, Communications Manager Kayne Said informs about his involvement in the panel discussion organised by Fondazzjoni IDEAT as part of the Stigma Campaign.

RGF's article on IT-TORĊA

Agreement for better awareness and support / Ftehim għal aktar għarfien u sapport

In the popular Sunday newspaper TORCA, Communications Manager Kayne Said delves into the collaborative agreement signed with Sedqa Malta for more awareness and support concerning problem gaming and gambling.

The RGF publishes its Annual Report 2021 / L-RGF tippubblika r-Rapport Annwali 2021

The Responsible Gaming Foundation (RGF) is publishing its Annual Report and audited Financial Statements for the financial year ending 31 December 2021. The Report provides an overview of the Foundation’s achievements during the year under review and outlines its performance during 2021, coupled with a brief outlook into the future.

RGF's article on IT-TORĊA

Is responsible gaming a paradox? / Il-logħob responsabbli paradoss?

In the popular Sunday newspaper It-Torċa, General Manager Mr Kevin O'Neill delves into whether gambling can find its place in modern society and if this hobby can be practised responsibly.

RGF's article on IT-TORĊA

TAKE ACTION: Media Awareness and Support / TAKE ACTION: Għarfien u Sapport fi Sfond Medjatiku

In the popular Sunday newspaper It-Torċa, Communications Manager Kayne Said informs us about the Ministerial visit by Honorable Silvio Schembri to the Foundation's premises, where the TAKE ACTION deliverables were presented accordingly.

Minister's Visit at the RGF

The RGF with an Awareness Campaign - part of a €1.1 million project / Il-Fondazzjoni Logħob Responsabbli b’kampanja ta’ għarfien – parti minn proġett ta’ €1.1 miljun

Il-Fondazzjoni Logħob Responsabbli (RGF) għandha l-għan ewlieni li tgħarraf lill-pubbliku rigward l-importanza li kulħadd ikun responsabbli fil-prattika tal-attivitajiet tal-logħob (gaming) u l-logħob tal-azzard (gambling) u tinforma wkoll rigward l-appoġġ li l-fondazzjoni toffri meta sfortunatament persuni jipprattikaw dan il-logħob b'mod eċċessiv u mingħajr kontroll.

RGF's TAKE ACTION Billboard in Xemxija

Promoting TAKE ACTION on our main routes / Nippromwovu TAKE ACTION fit-toroq primarji tagħna

A key deliverable, part of the TAKE ACTION Awareness Campaign, is the promotion of the Foundation's messages via billboards set on our main routes.

RGF's article on IT-TORĊA

Gaming played responsibly / Gaming milgħub b'responsabbiltà

Gaming played under control has its benefits. If practised excessively, it can lead to severe consequences.

RGF's article on IT-TORĊA

What's the meaning of dopamine release in the brain? / X'jiġifieri rilaxx ta' dopamina fil-moħħ?

In the popular Sunday newspaper It-Torċa, Communications Manager Kayne Said informs us about risk-taking and the release of dopamine in the brain in regards to problem gambling.

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