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The most important step... / L-aktar pass importanti...

Today on the Sunday newspaper IT-TORĊA, Promotions Executive Kayne Said writes about the most important step for those suffering from gambling addiction.

Annual Report Front Page

Annual Report for Period 2015-2017 / Rapport Annwali għall-Perjodu 2015-2017

The RGF’s Annual Report for the period 2015-2017 can be viewed and downloaded through our website.


Groups with different realities / Gruppi varji b’realtajiet diversi

The RGF’s Call Centre Manager Mrs. Dorianne Attard today wrote on IT-TORĊA on the different realities experienced by people under the influence of addictive gambling.

TORCA Page New Layout

An Ongoing Educational Protection / Titkompla l-Protezzjoni Edukattiva

Looking at the 2019-2020 Educational Campaign, where the RGF wishes all students an academic year filled with positivity away from any kind of addiction.

St Ignatius 1

The RGF visits St Ignatius in Luqa / Il-Fondazzjoni żżur il-Kulleġġ San Injazju f'Ħal Luqa

Another academic year has just started and the Foundation continues with its Educational Campaign amongst primary schools.

RGF Article Page

An Enthusiastic Alternative / Alternattiva b'Entużjażmu

The Sunday newspaper ‘’It-Torċa’’ today takes a look at the successful sports activity for teens and young ones ‘’Logħob għal Kulħadd’’ organized at the end of last August for the 12th consecutive year.

Logħob għal Kulħadd 2019

The RGF supports a water sports activity for children and young adults as an alternative to gambling / Il-Fondazzjoni għal Logħob Responsabbli b’attività sportiva għat-tfal u ż-żgħażagħ bħala alternattiva għall-vizzju tal-logħob

For the 12th consecutive year the Saint Paul’s churchyard in Rabat, Malta, witnessed an energetic water gaming sports activity which carries the name "Games for Everyone/Logħob għal Kulħadd’’.

Alternative to Gambling Finals 2019

Successful final for "Logħob għal Kulħadd 2019’’ / Finali suċċess għal-‘‘Logħob għal Kulħadd 2019’’

The final night of the 12th edition of ‘‘Logħob għal kulħadd’’ was a success as ‘‘The Mundrilli’’ were the winning team for this year.

Alternative to Gambling Event 2019

Continuing to offer alternatives for addiction / Inkomplu noffru alternattivi għall-vizzju

The 12th edition of ‘‘Logħob għal Kulħadd’’ in Rabat, Malta, is proceeding on the right track as the children’s games were a huge success from previous years as St Paul’s square saw a very dense crowd.

RGF Website Article Picture

A new look to our website to be closer to society / Dehra ġdida lill-websajt tagħna biex tkun aktar viċin tas-soċjetà

A website more appealing to the eye where people can follow the latest news, view info about our support services, get in touch through the chatline option, donate and also learn more about our work ... amongst other features.

€50,000 donation to RGF

Maltco Lotteries presents €50,000 contribution to the RGF / Maltco Lotteries tippreżenta kontribuzzjoni ta' €50,000 lill-RGF

Maltco Lotteries presented the contribution of €50,000 to Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Hon. Silvio Schembri who was present on behalf of the Government. This contribution will be ultimately used to financially support the Responsible Gaming Foundation cause, to create awareness on excessive gambling in Malta whilst providing support and guidance to compulsive gamblers.

RGF - Take Action against Problem Gambling in Malta

''Take Action against Problem Gambling in Malta'' / ''Ħu Azzjoni kontra l-Vizzju tal-Logħob f’Malta''

The Responsible Gaming Foundation is currently working on the project – Take Action against Problem Gambling in Malta. A €1 million project financed by the European Social Fund.



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