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A successful conclusion to the TAKE ACTION Training / Jintemm b'suċċess it-taħriġ TAKE ACTION

This training forms part of a project part-financed by the EU

RGF's article on It-Torċa (30.05.21)

An addiction that can become everyone's reality / Vizzju li jista' jsir ir-realtà ta' kulħadd

Over time, the spending and time limits can be surpassed and gambling can become the only priority and hence evolve into a pathological obsession.

RGF's Article on It-Torċa

Agreement reached for a research project / Milħuq ftehim għal proġett ta' riċerka

The Foundation is based on three pillars. Wellbeing, education and recreation. And this agreement is proof of the recreative alternative to problem gambling.

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Gambling and our elderly / Logħob tal-Azzard u l-anzjani tagħna

The Foundation believes that it is of utmost importance that we inquire about our beloved elderly's routines, in order to reduce the possibility for them to get into harmful habits!

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MOU signed between RGF and FKNK / Iffirmat MOU bejn l-RGF u l-FKNK

The Responsible Gaming Foundation, together with the participation of the Ministry for the Economy and Industry, is supporting the installation of radio transmitters on a number of turtle doves, as part of our healthy collaboration with the FKNK on the ongoing project “Turtle doves captive-breeding for release into the wild”.

RGF's article on It-Torċa

Looking forward to more education / Inħarsu 'l quddiem b'aktar edukazzjoni

Earlier this month, Minister for the Economy and Industry Honourable Silvio Schembri visited the Responsible Gaming Foundation, where he stated that the work done by the Foundation will be strengthened with more awareness...

Schembri at the RGF

Minister Schembri visits the RGF / Il-Ministru Schembri jżur l-RGF

Today it was a pleasure to meet and welcome the Minister for the Economy and Industry Hon. Silvio Schembri, where discussions centred around the Foundation's work and the continuation of the educational program amongst professionals who provide helpful services in the area of problematic gambling.

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Looking back at 2020 and keeping an eye on 2021 / Ħarsa lura u oħra 'l quddiem

What has been done by the Foundation during 2020 regarding the gambling addiction? And how is it looking forward to the year ahead?

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The RGF successfully conducts the TAKE ACTION research / L-RGF twettaq b'suċċess ir-riċerka TAKE ACTION

The Foundation has successfully conducted research part-financed by the EU in relation to the gambling scenario in Malta, amongst others...

Artiklu Fondazzjoni

The most important step... / L-aktar pass importanti...

Today on the Sunday newspaper IT-TORĊA, Promotions Executive Kayne Said writes about the most important step for those suffering from gambling addiction.

Annual Report Front Page

Annual Report for Period 2015-2017 / Rapport Annwali għall-Perjodu 2015-2017

The RGF’s Annual Report for the period 2015-2017 can be viewed and downloaded through our website.


Groups with different realities / Gruppi varji b’realtajiet diversi

The RGF’s Call Centre Manager Mrs. Dorianne Attard today wrote on IT-TORĊA on the different realities experienced by people under the influence of addictive gambling.