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CSRP | Signing of Grant Agreement

Press ReleaseToday's award ceremony at St James Cavalier the Responsible Gaming Foundation (RGF) signed a grant agreement with 21 different organisations and/or individuals as part of the Corportae Social Responsibility Programme (CSRP).Nowadays, businesses and organisations can no longer ignore certain social and environmental issues that are so dear to service users. Service users expect companies and organisations to make a positive impact on the world around them. To this end, the RGF is making social responsibility a top priority and will be working in close collaboration with businesses and organisations to address this.Hon. Silvio Schembri, Foundation Chairman stated that the Foundation issued two separate calls of applications, a permanent call for funds up to a maximum of €1000 and temporary calls for funds of up to a maximum of €6000. In total, 31 entities submitted their project proposals with the first call of applications, 21 of which are to be awarded funds. Projects vary from a Summer sports camp in Gozo to sewing courses for inmates residing at Corradino Correctional Facility, concluded the RGF chairman. MP Silvio Schembri stated that gambling should be considered as a money making habit but as a recreational activity.Mr. Heathcliff Farrugia, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Malta Gaming Authority, stated that there is a very positive and healthy working relationship between the MGA and RGF. Whilst the MGA is more of a regulator of the gaming sector, the RGF provides the much needed corporate and social responsibility aspect of it, hence the name of the CSRP initiative. The Gaming Industry has evolved from the static structure of brick and mortar casinos to the innovation of iGaming that relies on high-tech innovations to increase player interactivity and make it possible for gaming to be available anytime and anywhere. The social aspect of this sector is crucial for the wellbeing of our society in this day and age, concluded the MGA's COO.Parliamentary Secretary Jose Herrera stated that the RGF is already holding a number of initiatives in relation to preventative and support measures offered to the general public, to the people who experience problematic gambling/addiction and their dependents. Educational campaigns and the corporate social responsibility programme (CSRP) are among these activities. Through the CSRP, a good number of entities benefited from funds to promote projects related to activities alternative to gaming, namely football nurseries, band clubs and the Alternative Learning Programme. ''As a Parliamentary Secretary responsible from competitiveness and economic growth, I believe that such initiatives will strengthen the gaming industry while at the same time safeguard our citizens and players'', concluded Hon. Herrera.

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